Why You Should Maintain Your Website

Many business owners believe that by establishing a successful business website they are done. But having a business website is only the beginning. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to believe that once their website is up and running, it can take care of itself. Regardless of how technically advanced your new or existing business website is it needs to be updated and maintained on a regular basis. And this is why your business needs a website maintenance plan.


Look at it this way. When you buy a new car you plan on keeping it well maintained with regular oil changes, tire rotation, etc. A business website is very similar and also needs to have regular maintenance. By not having a website maintenance plan your business website will deteriorate and become less useful over time. If you have outdated content, broken links or links that redirect to unrelated pages, your customers will get frustrated and go to your competitors’ better maintained website.


A website is never really “complete”. It must constantly be updated with fresh content in order to engage and grow your audience. By using a website maintenance plan, you are ensuring that your website is up to date regarding design, content, regular back ups and protection against malicious login attempts, spam, and malware.

Let Us Help You

Let Mellowfish Media manage your company website while you concentrate on growing your business. We will make sure your website is always up to date. Our customers love our unlimited website maintenance service plan! No worries about going over hours allowed to make changes on your website.


Per Month Unlimited: $75.00 Billed Monthly

Annual Unlimited: $800.00 Billed Annually

*Prices may be different for e-commerce websites

One Time Emergency?

We often times get calls regarding existing websites that are experiencing technical issues. If you just need help with a one time fix, call us now: 321-505-8222.

Pricing is $50.00 per hour.

We offer quick turnaround for most website issues.

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