T E C H N I C A L  H E L P

Does Your Website Need Fixed?

We help with outdated websites, hacked and broken websites, converting to mobile ready, website hacked fix, website design and website development.

Our Services Include

    Fixing WordPress errors

    Fixing errors, issues, bugs, problems

    Theme Customization

    Fixing Layout Issues

    Syntax WordPress Error

    Fixing WordPress Login Problem

    Fixing PHP, HTML & CSS Errors

    Fixing Plugins Issues

    Fixing Broken Layout

    Fixing Responsive Issues

    Fixing Slider issues

    Internal Server Error

    Auto-Update Failed

    Error Establishing A Database Connection

    Email Password Retrieval Does Not Work

    HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden

    Admin Displaying Improperly

    Connection Timed Out Error

    Posts Returning 404 Error

    Memory Exhausted Error

    Installation and Setup

    Website Maintenance

    Website Optimization

    and so on [any issue]


We charge $50.00 per hour to investigate and repair issues on your existing website.

Monthly Maintenance

We offer annual and monthly maintenance plans to make sure you never get into a compromising situation again! Social media maintenance is also available to incorporate into your plan.

Call us to learn more: 321-505-8222

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